Kinetico Scale Reducing System

Kinetico Scale Reducing System

The Kinetico Scale Reduction System (SRS) uses proven science, without salt, to help prevent scale buildup where it does the most harm.

No Electricity, Salt or Chemicals

Helps Prevent Scale Buildup

Budget Friendly

Simple & Reliable

Kinetico Scale Reducing System (SRS)

The Kinetico Scale Reducing System (SRS) is similar to a water softener in that it reduces scale buildup in hot water-using appliances, on your fixtures and in your pipes. However, the Kinetico SRS does not use the ion exchange process to treat your water, meaning there is no need to add salt and no brine discharge.

This non-electric system helps to virtually eliminate hardness, allowing water-using appliances to last longer and operate more efficiently. And, in addition to its water-treatment benefits, you’ll enjoy the SRS's simple, reliable and economical operation.