Kinetico Has The Mike Holmes Seal Of Approval

Kinetico is proud to have the Mike Holmes seal of approval. Together, Mike and Kinetico want to educate consumers on water quality and the value of in-home water treatment. As a contractor, Mike is aware of the many challenges that can be caused by poor water quality. There's water that we cook with and drink, and there's water that we use to clean, bathe and perform other household tasks. Your home's water quality has an impact on all of these activities. Poor water quality can make your foods and drinks taste bad. It can cause water pipes, water heaters and other appliances to deteriorate faster.

Make your water right like Mike Holmes

As Mike knows, some projects are not "Do-It-Yourself." That's why when he wanted to tackle his own water problems he turned to the water treatment experts at Kinetico to help make his water right!

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"I want people to be aware of what’s in their homes, and how to improve and protect these things - like their water. I am excited to partner up with Kinetico to help homeowners understand the importance of having their water analyzed and diagnosed by a water professional and then lead them to Kinetico’s reliable and customized solutions to treat their water."

Mike Holmes, Professional Contractor and TV Personality
Holmes Approved Logo with Kinetico K5


Kinetico Drinking Water Systems

  • Unlimited supply of high-quality water made in your home
  • No need for bottled water, saving you money
  • Customizable filtration to meet your particular water concerns
  • The Kinetico K5 reduces more contaminants than comparable drinking water systems

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Kinetico Water Softeners

  • Eliminate spots and scale from hard water
  • Protect plumbing and water-using appliances
  • Save money on soaps and cleaners, reduce time spent cleaning
  • Have softer, smoother hair and skin

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Holmes Approved Logo with Kinetico Premier Series Water Softener
Holmes Approved Logo and Kinetico Specialty Systems


Kinetico Specialty Water Filters

  • Reduce chlorine and chloramine levels in your water
  • Reduce iron and manganese levels in your water
  • Reduce arsenic levels in your water
  • Reduce scale causing minerals in your water

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Why does Mike Holme's want people to understand water quality? 

Mike Holmes with his Kinetico water treatment system

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